1.      I’m an only child “Unica Hija”
2.      I love my parents
3.      I love God
4.      I look like my dad
5.      I got hit by a “door” not a bus. LOL
6.      My dream is to become a successful Entrepreneur/Fashion designer/Stylist
7.      I prefer  vegetables than meat
8.      I love Tyra Banks
9.      I’m afraid of mascots
10.   I got tons and tons of super good/true friends
11.   Heels lover
12.   Your secret’s safe with me
13.   Vices are BIG NO NO to me
14.   My best friends are Margie and Marnie
15.   I got 27 dresses in my closet
16.   I’m a cry baby
17.   I love Vanilla ice cream
18.   I’m afraid of dogs
19.   I think Logan Lerman is hot
20.   The first time I attended PFW was last May 2011
21.   I’m a good singer
22.   #21 fact, I’m being sarcastic
23.   I hate carrots
24.   I got my ballet lessons when I was 7
25.   I got 24 different medals
26.   I sleep early
27.   I’m a dancer
28.   th of January is my birth day
29.   Volleyball varsity for 2 years
30.   I don’t eat avocado
31.   I love watching movies
32.   I know how to cook
33.   I like Geometry
34.   I’m so “maarte”
35.   Children are close to me
36.   I got my first phone when I was in sophomore
37.   I hate it when things are not organized
38.   I love Pasta
39.   I wanna see Rachel Zoe in person
40.   I’ll visit Paris soon
41.   I dunno how to swim
42.   I know Japanese words
43.   I’m small
44.   Slumber party always with my bestfriends
45.   I eat a lot
46.   I’m not afraid of heights. Kinda? It depends. Haha!
47.   I still watch cartoons
48.   My hair’s long and curly
49.   I studied in CDBS since I was in nursery
50.   I hate chocolate ice cream
51.   I want some ear cuffs
52.   I’m focus on my studies
53.   Friendly
54.   I love Japanese foods
55.   I don’t want heart breaks </3 (Who wants heart breaks?)
56.   Proud to be Bosconian
57.   I like fashion magazines
58.   I always watch shows about Fashion
59.   I want to go to Verona with my special someone someday
60.   I haven’t attended a debut party
61.   My friends are always their for me
62.   I need bib necklace
63.   I don’t know why my short when I’m in 2nd grade still fits me. lol  
64.   I love to draw
65.   I wanna learn how to play guitar
66.   I like pink and purple
67.   I love singing HSM songs
68.   “Vampire suck” made me laugh
69.   Making sets in Polyvore
70.   I love love fruits
71.   My mechanical pencil is pink
72.   I don’t memorize all our lights switch at home
73.   When browsing magazines, I usually starts at the back (Weird huh?)
74.   I prefer to study at midmorning than staying up late
75.   I like talking to my friends
76.   I love milkshakes
77.   I don’t know how to blink
78.   I like planning things
79.   I learn from my mistakes
80.   I like frozen yoghurts
81.   I’ve never been to a big concert
82.   I always wake-up so early
83.   I don’t like “Kare-kare”
84.   I like Dark and white chocolates
85.   I miss my cousins
86.   My friends and I likes Mcdo, 7eleven and siomai house.
87.   I want a bandage skirt
88.   I’m happy
89.   I like Barbie
90.   I’m about to graduate in highschool
91.   I seldom use facebook
92.   I drove our car once
93.   I like charity works
94.   I love watching Fashion tv
95.   I usually get load from my dad’s phone. Haha!
96.   Oreo Mcflurry is my favorite
97.   I’m always busy
98.   I don’t drink coffee
99.   I regret quitting Ballet
100.   I’ll be in NYFW someday.
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