Hola!!! #clapformyspanishskills ? Haha Anyway, It’s so nice to be back! Yes, it’s been a month of hiatus! #lazyblogger and I am very very sorry for that. It’s good that I’ve finally found a time to update my blog despite of the school loads I have right now. Huhu (Here I go again, the I-keep-on-apologizing-for-not-updating-my-blog Haha) Uhmmm lalalala Here’s a very quick post for all of you! 
 I’m going to post a DIY tutorial on this!
 This bag is really nice because it carries all the things that I need for school except for my papers and folders (I have a separate case for that).
I would like to thank Helena’s Closet for sending me these super cute arm candies. Visit their shop for more accessories!
Outfit details:
Bracelets: Helena’s Closet
Jeggings: Divi
Sandals: Autumn Run
Bag: Avorio
Congratulations to DLSU for winning the finals last Saturday!!! #animolasalle #proudlasallian


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