After 3 or 4 days of getting hospitalized. Finally, I’m home already. Well I’m not in the mood to tell everything what happened that’s why this is just short. It was Saturday midnight when I was brought to the hospital because of my freakin’ tummy. When we arrived at the hospital, several questions was asked and tests done to me. The tests results were negative but the doctor decided that it’s better for me to be admitted for observation. After attaching the dextrose, the nurse accompanied me to my room (411) to have some good rest already.  My first day was kinda boring, cause I just watch tv, surf the net, text, eat and drink medicine the whole day. (Does fun counts? haha) I’m not contented with the room for some reasons that’s why I requested them to transfer me to room 427. And my request was granted. Haha!  Next day, some of my friends decided to visit me.  We ate lots of food and told me some “awesome stories”. The stories were really good. Haha! We had fun. They stayed up late even though they have classes the next day. That day also, I was told that I need to undergo ultra sound. So I’m not allowed to eat some couple of hours. *Sighs* Third day, I had my ultra sound in the afternoon then Ranie came. We watched Tangled but we didn’t finish it. Cause we prefer to have some “Story telling time”. Lol Then my lovely friends (I’m not sarcastic. Haha) came to visit me again. They stayed for hours which I appreciate so much. About the results of the ultra sound, it was negative. So I’ve nothing to worry about but I’m still taking medicines. And that night they removed the dextrose and got the news that I’ll be discharge the next day.
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