Cheers for my second outfit post here on my new blog! Since I created a new blog, my blog hits went down to zero again. #sad So please help me earn the hits I got before by visiting my blog at least once a day. I promise you it’s all worth it. Haha (Looking desperate lol) Thanks to Sean Agustin for taking my outfit shots. Sean is a good friend/batch mate of mine ever since high school. He is one of the official photographers in our school’s newspaper, “Echoes”. (back in high school)
Tada! My look for the day!
My denim-ish polo from Lee. Swear! It’s so comfortable!

Outfit details: 
Tank top: Oxygen
Denim polo: Lee
Pearl necklace: Bedazzled
Jeans: Next
Wedge: Payless
PS. I am still working on my next giveaway.
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