End Is Often The Beginning

I was this seven-year old little girl who loved to draw, dress up, and style Barbie dolls. 15 years later, I still find myself in the same position but now in a different way or let’s just say in a professional way. I’m happy that I slowly grind my way to that ultimate dream – that is to have my clothing line and become a fashion designer (aside from getting that medical degree). I know that I’m still far from my real goal and compared to other young designers out there I still lack knowledge in the fashion industry and I still have lots of things to work on. But big thanks to fashion blogging, I get to learn different things in the industry and I get to meet different people with different experiences and I must say I also get to learn from those experiences. It is the best platform for me to grow as a designer, as a professional and as a person.

“Why and how did you start fashion blogging?”

I was a typical fourth year high school student trying to balance academics and extra-curricular activities in school (Yes, I was that active in school) when I decided to start fashion blogging. It all started because of the two various fashion sites that were introduced to me – Polyvore and Lookbook. As I made more sets on Polyvore, browsed and posted different outfit posts on Lookbook, and read fashion blogs my interest in fashion intensified which led me to question myself “Why not create your own blog?”. It’s been 6 years already since I started blogging and I admit that I wasn’t an active blogger all throughout those years – forgive me I have to prioritize college and getting a job. To make it up for all of my Missing-In-Action moments, I want to bring something new to my blog and for a fresh start I re-branded SIMPLY STATED to SHE IS JAMSY – with a new look and concept. Well, I guess it is true that “End is often the beginning”.


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Of course I will not end this post without thanking the people a.k.a my team (Haha I’m kidding) who helped me build this new blog. To my high school friends and best friends; Margie, Marnie, Val, Raya, Meg, Nica, Pao, Ranie, Xander +++++++ everyone and my cousin Jayvee, thank you all for the support since day 1. To ate Lisa for giving fashion tips and advises. To Ale for helping me with my domain and my blogging #shenanigans LOL. To Julia for almost doing this layout. (Thanks for the time girl! Nyeaaam HAHA). To Ace and Jem for helping me with my logos. To Julius for making this layout possible. To my parents for the love and support. And to my boyfriend Patrick for the love and support as well and for being patient with me on every shoot.


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  • July 14, 2017

    Love it Jamsy! Looking forward to your posts!

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