Hello followers! I’m glad I’m back. It’s been so long since my last post. I’ve been very busy for the past weeks that’s why I wasn’t able to update my blog. Anyway, we had our leadership training (iSTART, iCHANGE, iINFLUENCE) last Jan 20-21. I’ll make this short. It was really a great experience for us officers. We learned lots of things. And Ateneo CODE was the best!  All the activities that they prepared for us are not drab even the lectures. They know how to connect things up. No dull moments! Gaaash! I don’t know what to say cause I’m speechless. (duh? lol) They’re just so good! Hands down to them! Well, we had the best facilitator “kuya Nico” he’s way too awesome! And he’s only 2nd year college. Cool right? I know I’ve been to so many leadership training since I was in grade 3 but this was the best. Can’t get over with this!  I was inspired. I really learned lots of things. I swear I’ll apply all the stuffs I learned from them. Their talents are just mind blowing. Good job Ateneo CODE!!! I do regret not taking an entrance exam at Ateneo. (cause my forms are late, same with UP) Congrats to all the people behind this event!

By the way, I passed DLSUCET! IBS, Interdisciplinary Business Studies. See you La Salle!

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