Hold On

So much feels right now for my country. As you all know, Visayas is currently experiencing a very serious condition. 2 weeks ago, super typhoon “Yolanda” or internationally known as “Haiyan” passed by the different islands of the Philippines. Thousands of lives were lost and billions worth of properties were destroyed by the typhoon. It’s very depressing to see my fellow Filipinos in Visayas suffer from this kind of nightmare. As I watch the news, and see survivors screaming for help and food and sharing their experiences from the tragedy, I can’t help keep the tears from running down my face.But looking on the bright side, everyone’s united and doing the best they can to help the victims. It is also heart warming, knowing that not only Filipinos come together to help out but also other countries all around the world. #PrayForThePhilippines #ReliefPH #PleaseHelpThePHILIPPINES 

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“Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne
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