I woke up at around 8 am today. I didn’t go to school cause I’m not feeling well. And yeaaah I need some rest. My whole body aches (especially my back) because of our practice for our field demonstration. Anyway, January is really a busy month for me. New year, Third Quarterly examination, Practices, Preparation for our foundation, Leadership training, Chinese new year, My birthday (I’m turning 17) and many more. I really got lots of stuff to do this month. My schedules are loaded. Even on weekends I have things to finish. Just hoping that all this event will be successful.

I saw this when I was browsing my mail a while ago. This gave me an idea on what to wear on our upcoming foundation night on January 28 (My birthday! Hooray! Haha) If we have an event/activity like this in our school or even ordinary days, girls are not allowed to wear revealing clothes such as, sleeveless top, plunging neckline, short dresses, mini shorts and skirts, and so on. That’s the reason why most of the students have a hard time on choosing their best outfit. And because of this, I learned how to experiment clothes. Last year’s theme was black and white. And I was in my all black outfit (black pants, black tank top, black blazer and wedge) This year, there’s no more theme. That’s why I decided bringing something fresh to the table. Something very unique but simple. I was thinking I’ll wear a navy blue long sleeves with pastel polka dots and I’ll add pastel bow tie to add more class and pair it with black jeans and chestnut clogs.
My outfit looks like this. (Sorry about the blouse. I can’t find a navy blue long blouse with pastel polka dots on Poly.)
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