Again, sorry for being MIA lately due to school works. But anyway, I’m back with my new blog lay out, blog banner and new post! Hooray! (I deserve a reward for that! Lol) Forgive me if my lay out’s not that good compare with other fashion bloggers. I am not really good with computer stuff and all but at least I’m trying and doing my best. *Sighs* Haha
So last Saturday-March 23, my high school friend, Nicole Samar celebrated her 18th birthday at Acacia Hotel Alabang. Nicole got 4 sets of 18 (Treasures, Shots, Shoes and Roses) and what’s cool about these is that unlike the usual tradition (gift+message for the debutante) each sets has it’s twists. (I’m not gonna elaborate on it. lol) Her debut served also as a mini reunion for our batch. Yay! It’s really nice reuniting with your batchmates after so many months of not seeing each other. And by the way, I saw Liz Uy! that night at the hotel’s lobby (OMG! I almost died! ~lol kidding only.) She’s so pretty! They’re having a shoot for a commercial. Too bad I didn’t had the chance to take a picture with her!
18 Treasures
18 Shots
18 Shoes
Saying my sabaw message for Nicole. I bought Nicole a pair of black sequined flats from Primadonna. Check out their shoes, it’s really nice and very affordable.
18 Roses
Gracing the dance floor with her last dance, Jeric Fortuna.
Credits to Betina Llamzon for the pictures. For more Nicole’s debut check out Betina’s blog.
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