“Girls change their mind easily”, I usually hear this line. Well for me it’s true. Us, girls tend to change our mind from time to time because at the end we want everything to be perfect. Just perfect. We don’t want disappointments. Just like with how we dress up, we want to look pretty and pleasing to  everyone. That’s why we always have a hard time in choosing and deciding on what to wear. And sometimes after all these deciding thing issues, we end up picking our favorite jeans or denim shorts and tee. too simple I know, but adding your favorite accessories will knock it off. I guess rings are just alluring. Try adding rings with different designs. Even it’s just a simple detail on your outfit, I’m pretty sure  it’ll add a touch on your look. And don’t forget to bun your hair. A loose and kind of messy bun will be perfect.
Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! 🙂
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