Last September  11, my friends and I went to Lago de oro at Batangas to celebrate our friend’s birth day (Xander). It was Sunday,  so yeaaaah we have classes the next day.  Not good for us right? Well, who cares? It’s fun. Haha! We can’t celebrate it on Saturday because most of us have other activities like SYALA and other personal stuffs.  
Before heading to Lago we had some surprise thingy for Xander at their house. It was successful though it’s kinda fail. lol I’ll try to post the video next time.
Tutorials for beginners like us.
We’re ready.


From top: Me, Marnie and Pambid.
Then. we ended up like this. LOL Haha!
Looks like Cyrus and Xander are having fun. Haha!
Meet the pro’s Valerie, Kuya Carlo, Cyrus and of course Xander.
underwater pictures


The next day? We had body aches and tan lines. lol Haha!
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