second day: Pangasinan

 Good day readers! As you can see, I’ve been posting frequently these past few days. I’m really trying to update my blog as frequently as I can. Not only here but also with my other accounts, like in polyovore,     lookbook, chictopia, tumblr etc. Try to visit them sometimes.The links are  located at the side of my blog. By the way, I would like to thank my ever gorgeous and super bait(kind) friends for promoting my blog and supporting me. Without them I can’t earn the number of viewers I have right now. I really feel the love. Thanks guys! lol So anyway, this is what I wore today. Bandage skirt + tank top. I prefer to wear a simple outfit today. For our second day here in Pangasinan, we went to the mall together with my other relatives. I bought some drawing materials for my designs. And thanks to my cousin for helping me in choosing what materials to buy.
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