Check these very sweet proposals. I found these on youtube. While watching this two videos, tears ran down my face. I thought true love is just in movies and fairy tales I’ve watch but these prove me that I’m wrong.  How I wish I can find someone like them in the future. (lol haha)  
cute meme proposal
Check the description below (from youtube)
“So this is how it all went; my fiancée and I were preparing at home for a scheduled dinner at Eastwood mall with my family. She ain’t got no idea that what’s gonna happen next will change her life forever.

As planned, we arrived at exactly 9:00 PM despite the heavy rain and traffic. I brought her at the upper level of the mall to buy coffee for us while my balloon-bearer-friends were waiting and hiding at the basement. There we saw my family and relatives who were also part of the plan. After approximately 15 minutes of decision making as to where to eat, I asked her to stay and made an excuse that I needed to go the loo.



I went to another coffee shop outside the mall and met with an accomplice (the deliverer) who was waiting for me. He has my coat and tie, the bouquet of roses, and the engagement ring prepared. The team for the photos and videos started to set up their cameras and went to their shooting positions while I change my outfit.



Lavonne and my family went down to look for me. After a few minutes, the song “Another Stride” started to play, the fountains started to operate, and the LED screen in front of her started to display our pictures which cued my friends from the basement to approach her and me to show up.



I was so worried that the rain might not stop but I didn’t care at all. I prayed really hard for it to stop for at least 15 minutes. God is so great, the rain absolutely stopped as I walked towards her.



Admittedly I was very nervous. It was drizzling and my hands were shaking.



That moment, she was the only person I saw, she looked perfectly and simply beautiful, she was the only one shining brightly like a star, her voice was the only thing I heard, and her smile took away all my worries. I told myself “She’s the girl that I’ll marry, the one I’ll love faithfully, and the girl I’ll spend the rest of my life with”. I saw her cry. Those tears of joy always remind me how much she appreciates and loves me.



We were standing and surrounded by my family, relatives, friends, workmates, badminton playmates, bandmates, and other people we don’t actually know when I finally gave her the roses, took out the engagement ring from my pocket, and asked her the words “Are you ready, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”



Without hesitation, she uttered not only the word “yes” but rather “OF COURSE I WILL!”. That is definitely more intense right?



And that’s the beginning of our love story as an engaged couple. 



We’d like to thank the following who played a big role in the proposal:



Almighty God our Father for blessing and guiding us.


Mommy Eppie, Daddy Bert, and Nanay Sonia for always being there for us.


Ate Lyn Go for bringing my coat and tie and handing all the stuff to the deliverer.


Ite Dolly for the boquet of roses.


Rita Galang Perez for recommending me where to buy the engagement ring.
Pipo Casimiro for delivering me all the listed stuff above and playing drums for the song.
Carlo Macaraig for the lead part of the song.
Allen Guarnes for the music recording and for the piano part of the song.
John Gomez for the re-edited video which was displayed in the LED screen. 
Michael Nario for helping me all the way, believing in us, and for being my best friend.
Jeph Salunday for the surprise appearance and being Lavonne’s (and my) best friend.
Kier Bulseco for the initial concept of the video and for the LED display.
Nikk Victoriano for leading the photo and video team and for the LED display.
Our families, relatives, friends, colleagues, my band and band manager R2. I wanted to mention all your names here but I don’t want to miss anybody. So to those who were there, I know who you are.
My biggest thanks and appreciation goes to you guys!



It was a successful surprise proposal. I saw how happy she was and felt that she appreciated it so much with her tight hugs and sweet kisses. I’ll never stop looking for all possible ways to see her that happy (or even more) over and over again. Stay in love and God bless us all.”





Congratulations to the lovely couples! 


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